Feeling Emotional, Wellcome Collection 2016

Friday 5th February, 2016
Co-curated with Elsa Richardson

Artists commissions and performance:
Ain Bailey and Holly Ingleton, Fractured Intimacies, sound work drawing on Wellcome asylum archives
Nina Wakeford, Site-specific intervention in Wellcome Reading Room addressing affects of gendered solidarity
sorryyoufeeluncomfortable, Loteria! Unhealthy Obsessions, part of the collective's Socially Agitated research into Wellcome's Medicine Man collection
Beatrice Loft Schulz, Reconstruction of Romance

Thomas Dixon: The History of Emotions
Susie Orbach in conversation with Jacqui Dillon
Giovanni Frazzetto: The Unpredictable Lightness of Feelings
Tiffany Watt Smith: From Ambiguphobia to Umpty: inventing emotions, discovering ourselves

Workshops, demonstrations, activities
Studio Could Be Good, Be your own Emoji
Emotional Workout Session with Laughter Therapist John Hipkiss, Kink Educator and Dominatrix Max Absolute, and Fight Director Kev MvCurdy
Emotions on Film: archive material from Wellcome Library Moving Image Collection curated by Elsa Richardson 
Robin the autonomous social toddler robot, with Lola Canamero and Matthew Lewis from EECAiA Lab, School of Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire
Risky Emotions and Stress Head: interactive demonstrations from UCL's cognitive neuroscience lab
Testing Feelings: Historical Psychometric tests with Chris Millard of QMUL Centre for the History of Emotions
Turbo Charged Emotional Cocktails from Bompas & Parr
Phhhoto booth